Skills4Industry academic resource center for all institutions, academies, and pathways is designed as a single point educational services link to students, advisors, tutors, coaches, professionals, expert study groups, and more to what we do, how they are organized, where they can be found, preparations, qualifications, and our learning support services.

At Skills4Industry, we orchestrate a community of scholars dedicated to the idea that educational opportunities should not be limited by a student’s ability to pay. With a plan for more than 70% of the Skills4Industry academies and undergraduate student body receiving some form of financial support, we are committed to enabling every admitted student with the option to use well-researched education support resources to achieve high-quality education that is valued by further education institutions and employers. At Skills4Industry, studying to meet your grades requirements is a job our students are dedicated to 24/7 under the guidance of a qualified support system.

This resource center also provides access to the professional development program of professional staff. The IIES 21 evaluation criteria are categorized and monitored to inform PDP that is provided to our professional staff monthly by the Institute of Integrative Education & Skills (IIES) to ensure high-quality education.